Vail Daily letter: Use Cottonwood Pass |

Vail Daily letter: Use Cottonwood Pass

Barry Simmers
Bond, CO Colorado

I just can’t believe that the supervi-sor of highways for Eagle County flat-out rejects the idea of making Cotton-wood Canyon Road to Gypsum an alternate route for emergencies in the Glenwood Canyon area. That route would save at least three hours or more for travelers going east or west on Interstate 70 through the canyon if there is a closure. This just happened a few years ago, and you can bet it will happen again.

I’m sure if CDOT went to the truck-ing industry, Aspen Skiing Co. and the commercial people movers in Eagle and Pitkin counties, they could come up with some money to subsidize what the cost would be to maintain that road for emergency use.

I live on Route 131 near Bond, and over the past 10 years, the traffic has increased tenfold with logging trucks and other commercial vehicles using that highway, and the road used to be a mess – potholes everywhere. But in the past five or so years, they put a lot of money into resurfacing and fixing Route 131, and now it meets the needs for everyone.

I think they should really consider the making of Cottonwood Canyon Road an emergency route for shut-downs of Glenwood Canyon. It makes a lot of sense, and it is the only road connecting Glenwood to Gypsum without taking a tour of half the state.

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