Vail Daily letter: Use what’s already there |

Vail Daily letter: Use what’s already there

Bill Stephenson
Cordillera, CO Colorado

While I have no objection to the consideration being given to build an overpass for wildlife at the Vail Pass, it seems to me that there is an alternative that may be just as effective and possibly less expensive.

My wife and I participated in a former program to monitor wildlife using the many natural corridors created by the traffic overpasses that already exist on the pass. Thousand of animals already use these corridors under I-70 as evidenced by the photographs we and other volunteers collected.

The fencing that has been installed on both sides of I-70 appears to be limiting wildlife incursions onto the road, thus it would seem that similar fencing, if feasible, on the pass could be used to redirect wildlife safely toward the already existing corridors.

It seems to me that this approach might impact many more animals in more locations than building one overpass at one location either on the east or west side of the pass.

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