Vail Daily letter: Vail hospital lab techs make a difference |

Vail Daily letter: Vail hospital lab techs make a difference

Lynn Marie Bauman
Vail, CO, Colorado

The tragedy at the Sandbar should make most of us realize how grateful we are to have high quality medical responses to unfortunate events.

I would particularly like to acknowledge the Vail Valley Medical Center laboratory in this critical event.

It is mostly nurses who get recognition. However, behind the scenes and working under immense time pressure are the medical technologists who provide correct blood products and ensure accurate testing results so that the doctors and nurses have the precise answers to help save victims of incidents like this, as well as other unfortunate circumstances.

It is an enormous mistake to think that laboratory employees anywhere just push buttons, gaze at a computer for what to do next, and sit like a telephone operator with a high school education. This medical team carries out complex processes quickly to determine the presence, absence or extent of disease or trauma.

The Vail Valley Medical Center laboratory employees have some of the best medical technologists in the hospital industry. Laboratory med techs are required to operate of an array of complex precision instruments, and must be reliable and accurate while carrying out their responsibilities in a proficient manner.

It is time to give the med techs of the lab and the director of the lab the acknowledgement and honor that they deserve. The practice of modern medicine would be impossible without the testing this team of pathologists, specialists, and technologists perform in the Vail Valley Medical Center laboratory.

The medical technologists of the laboratory are a critical part of high quality health care in this community. The laboratory personnel are of repeated demonstrated competence. They all possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to provide patients with the high precision responsibility for human lives necessary for providing this community with effective treatment.

These well-rounded professionals need to be acknowledged and honored in this community, as well as their highly educated and experienced director, Daphne Horvath.

Lynn Marie Bauman

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