Vail Daily letter: Vail should reach out to LA more |

Vail Daily letter: Vail should reach out to LA more

Jon Liebman
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am a Vail homeowner and enjoyed Beth Slifer’s commentary in the Vail Daily about the smart strategies Vail is using to power through this economic cycle.

I agree with you and wanted to reach out to mention one major area where Vail is woefully underrepresented: the entertainment industry.

I run a very established and successful talent management-production company, and I have been surprised at how many affluent people from L.A. have never been to Vail. People here seem to gravitate toward Aspen, Telluride, the Park City resorts and Jackson Hole. This is true despite the fact that there is a direct flight in season from L.A. to Eagle and Vail has all of the amenities and wellness facilities that the entertainment community comes to expect.

Vail has not marketed itself to this industry and, as a result, is just not on the front burner for skiers and snowboarders from L.A. In any case, I thought that I would mention this to you and would be happy to discuss this further if you would like.

Jon Liebman

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