Vail Daily letter: Vegan suggestions |

Vail Daily letter: Vegan suggestions

Tali Landsman
Vail, CO, Colorado

I loved the article: “Go vegan, compost and buy nothing new for a year,” by Cassie Pence.

My husband and I have been vegans for many years now. We love it and cannot see ourselves eating any kind of flesh ever again. We are able to make any cooking or baking recipe without eggs, butter or meat.

I wanted to mention that she can still make your much-beloved chicken soup with a delicious mock chicken from

You can place an order online and they will overnight it (or second day air) to your home.

I place a big order of many yummy things once in six months. If you dice the “vegetarian tasty chicken” or “Tasty Chicken Wings” into small cubes, it tastes just like real chicken, maybe even better and it is vegan.

If you crave sushi, you can eat a wonderful vegan meal at Sushi Oka next to Vail Cascade. They also have some delicious vegan dumplings as an appetizer. Just make sure to ask them not to put anything with eggs on the sushi plate. Good luck with your new year resolution.

Tali Landsman


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