Vail Daily letter: Very appreciative |

Vail Daily letter: Very appreciative

On behalf of myself and the many residents of the Sweetwater community, I would like to thank the people of Eagle County’s Road and Bridge Department for the yeoman’s work they have been performing in response to the large flash floods and mud-rock slides that closed both the Colorado River Road and the Sweetwater Road last week.

On the scene before the torrential rain had stopped and working all night long, these folks rescued several stranded motorists and moved hundreds of tons of debris to open the roads again within hours. They deserve a tip of the hat, or more — perhaps no further budget cuts for this vital county department would be appropriate.

Our hats are off also to the Holy Cross electricity line crews who restored power to River Road residents, the Roundup River Ranch campers and staff and the Sweetwater community in only 14 hours.

Please accept our sincere thanks for all you do.

Bill Sepmeier


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