Vail Daily letter: Very grateful to emergency service workers |

Vail Daily letter: Very grateful to emergency service workers

Jim Cameron
Vail, CO, Colorado

I offer my heart-felt (literally) thanks to the Avon paramedic team who responded to my 911 call on Friday, May 21. The team’s quick response and expertise helped prevent a bad situation from becoming a much worse one.

I have a new respect for the level of communication that can occur between a team of professionals who are well trained and a semi-conscious person (me) who is relying on their actions to help save his life.

I also want to thank the 911 dispatcher who kept me talking while the paramedic team was en route and to the great team at Vail Valley Medical Center who helped stabilize me and then ferried me by helicopter in high winds from Vail to a hospital in Denver.

My regard for emergency response personnel was already high, but nothing crystallizes one’s respect for their skill and dedication than being on the receiving end of their services with your life at risk.

After two stents and a three-day hospital stay, I have been cleared for “normal activity.” I can partake in sex, caffeine and alcohol. I just can’t partake in all three on the same day.

Seriously, if you are at the high end of middle age or older, have great cholesterol readings, well-managed blood pressure, exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and are not overweight (all of which apply to me), you don’t get a free pass from a heart attack.

My symptoms and decision to call 911 occurred while I was alone — an invitation for denial. If you feel your symptoms are tell tale, they probably are. If the symptoms are severe, don’t try to convince yourself they are not. If your own senses tell you that you are not in control of your senses, then make the call that may save your life.

The number is 911.

Thanks again to all of you who helped me that day. Some day that day will arrive. May it arrive on a day far away.

Jim Cameron


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