Vail Daily letter: Village at Avon concerns |

Vail Daily letter: Village at Avon concerns

Joe Walker and Laurie Adler
Vail, CO, Colorado

As property owners on Eagle Bend Drive, we are extremely concerned that the Village at Avon Development Plan, if not properly vetted by the town of Avon and neighboring residents, could have a significant negative impact on our property values and our quality of life.

Specifically, we are concerned with the following issues:

1. Unlimited density on the entire Village at Avon development site. This could have a huge impact on Avon’s traffic, noise and lights, which could be devastating to our Eagle Bend Drive neighborhood.

2. The property will not be subject to new Avon town regulations, codes and ordinances, and there isn’t a town approval process in place that the developer would be subject to in the future. The developed property must be subject to all current and future Avon town regulations, codes and ordinances.

3. The Design Review Board is currently projected to have one Avon town representative. This needs to be restructured so there is meaningful outside participation and input from our neighborhood.

4. The commercial and industrial operations at the site need to conform to Avon town noise ordinances at a minimum. We are concerned that garbage trucks, establishments, etc., will be allowed to operate at all hours of the day and night.

5. Traer Creek’s architect stated they planned a 50-foot right of way and road to the north of the railroad tracks. Currently, this is not identified anywhere on development maps, plats or otherwise.

6. We are concerned about the distance between the railroad tracks and the new development. The developer said it would be 150 feet between Eagle Bend Drive and the development, but it is unclear in the development plans.

7. Four-sided architecture must be required to the south side of buildings along Hurd Lane and Eagle Bend Drive. We do not want to look at the rear of buildings, parking lots and exposed dumpsters.

8. We are concerned about the visual impact of the proposed plans, and noise impact of additional pedestrians and cars on our neighborhood.

9. There could be a negative impact on our neighborhood and the night sky from the parking lots and lights.

10. The ramifications of a potential pedestrian walkway from the development to our neighborhood needs to be fully understood. At the least, the pedestrian walkway should enter and exit at the intersection of Stonebridge Drive and Eagle Bend.

For the benefit of the town of Avon, before the town of Avon moves forward with the development plans, we would like to see these issues clarified and resolved to the satisfaction of the community.

Joe Walker and Laurie Adler


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