Vail Daily letter: Vote count was accurate |

Vail Daily letter: Vote count was accurate

Joanne Harris’ letter suggesting that the vote count in Eagle County was somehow “fishy” was beyond absurd.

As one of a sizable cadre of election judges who worked for several days to collect, process and tally votes, I can testify to the accuracy and fairness of the process. The county clerk’s office makes a point of carefully selecting judges representing a balance of Democrat, Republican and unaffiliated voters. Any time there was a question about the intent of a voter’s ballot (and a fair number of ballots are incredibly messy), a “Resolution Board” of judges representing the major political parties as well as unaffiliated voters examined the ballot and decided together how it should be interpreted.

The poll watcher who spent a couple of days observing this procedure at the county administration building had nothing but praise for the Eagle County clerk’s office and the election workers.

Once the ballots are processed, the actual tallying is accomplished by a computer, which does not have a political party affiliation.

Harris’ convoluted election math is simplistic at best and reveals a lack of understanding of Eagle County voters, who are famously independent. Does she seriously think that all Republicans and Democrats vote only straight tickets and that unaffiliated voters are split exactly down the middle on their political loyalties? That’s never been true. Our voters know their candidates, study the issues and vote accordingly. They are not particularly predictable.

All of the election judges and clerk’s office employees I’ve encountered work long, hard hours for a modest wage. They are patriotic, conscientious and proud to be a part of the democratic process. Harris’ suggestion that something dishonest was going on is an insult.

Harris’ real issue appears to be that her candidate didn’t win. That’s the way democracy works. There will always be another election.

Kathy Heicher


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