Vail Daily letter: Vote for incumbents |

Vail Daily letter: Vote for incumbents

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Vail, CO Colorado

I must admit my adage is the simple one: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” By the wildest interpretation imaginable, there is nothing broke about Holy Cross Energy. In fact, it has one of the most notable reputations in the state and nation as a forward-looking, progressive energy cooperative. That fact is not by chance but rather comes from the high character and responsibility of board, management and employees.

The two directors standing for election in June are both skilled, successful, experienced business leaders in their respective communities.

The present focus on renewable energy, especially solar as it stands today, is probably economically unsustainable over the long haul as subsidization at the federal, state and local level is so substantial. However, CORE, EVAS and Holy Cross Energy have made a commitment over the past several years to back these renewable projects until such time as newer technology or research and development provides efficiencies that make them competitive in the energy matrix. There is no finer color than green especially as we emerge from a seemingly endless winter of snow and cold!

Reliability is the No. 1 requirement that Holy Cross strives for so that our members can achieve the varied and uninterrupted lifestyles they choose. Holy Cross Energy has a solid image with its members, so give credit where credit is due, and vote for Bob Starodoj and Mike Glass.

Tom Turnbull, Carbondale

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