Vail Daily letter: Vote for Newbury |

Vail Daily letter: Vote for Newbury

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Vail, CO Colorado

As an incumbent running for Vail Town Council, I am eager to continue my service to the town, and I am writing this letter to seek your support in the upcoming election. There is an understand-ing throughout our community that we have several challenging years ahead of us. I believe that to endure and improve during these tough times, we will need the con-tinued stability of experienced leaders, we will want knowledge-able and hardworking individuals who can sustain our momentum, and we will require strong, logical decision-makers. I have chosen to run for re-election because I’ve demonstrated these qualities.

There are several accomplish-ments of the current council of which I am particularly proud. We have protected our environ-ment through several initiatives: continued funding for removal of traction sand from Black Gore Creek, stream-tract survey work to mitigate encroachments, enforcement of the wildlife ordi-nance resulting in a reduction of human-bear interactions, and continued removal of beetle-infested trees on town lands to help create a defensible space around our community.

We have made it a priority to enhance Vail’s appeal as an attractive community in which to live, both by improving our recre-ational infrastructure and by implementing housing initiatives that make Vail a more affordable place to rent or own a home.

We’re also looking toward the future – we’ve approved devel-opment of the West Vail fire sta-tion and are now in the planning and budgeting phases and we are undertaking initiatives that seek to improve upon the town’s cur-rent recycling and waste reduc-tion programs.

Clearly, however, our biggest challenge over the next few years is to maintain the town’s strong economic position. The current council has been conservative in budgeting and managed the town wisely during our intensive redevelopment period. During my years on council, our reserve funds have doubled and we’ve created a 2010 budget that is bal-anced despite dramatically decreased revenue. I am deter-mined to budget sensibly during the next few years. Most indica-tors predict continuing econom-ic adversity. We must commit to approve only balanced budgets in spite of significantly reduced revenue. We must continue to make strategic budget cuts that attempt to maintain the high lev-el of service that the town is known for, while reducing orga-nizational expenses. I’ve called for a capital improvement plan that prioritizes our “wish list,” so that when we have to make tough funding decisions we know, with-out question, the community’s priorities.

While our priorities and focus may change over the next few years, I’ve shown that I am able to lead with common sense, integri-ty, and purpose. As worldwide forces have required us to shift our focus, I’ve supported signifi-cant adjustments to our policies and procedures. I have been rational, decisive, and fair. I believe that my depth of knowl-edge and broad experience will prove to be invaluable qualities as the town of Vail moves forward in difficult economic times.

I hope you’ll consider voting for me on Nov. 3!

–Kim Newbury, West Vail

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