Vail Daily letter: Vote for van Beek |

Vail Daily letter: Vote for van Beek

Chad Green
Joliet, Ill.

My name is Chad Green, and I am a Joliet, Ill., resident. I worked under the supervision of James van Beek, whom I am very proud to have served with shoulder to shoulder in various Afghan regions.

Although I reside in Joliet, I would love to add additional support for him and his supporters in Eagle County. Geographical boundaries limit me, of course. I just can’t speak highly enough of him while working under him in the Mazar province in Afghanistan. He continued to be resilient with providing the Afghans support and staples needed to complete the mission in Afghanistan when logistics were short and not provided by the U.S. military or the Ministry of Interior in Afghanistan. He was perseverant and patient, which are valuable assets. The aforementioned traits are what a sheriff candidate needs in Eagle County.

He loved his job and was passionate in helping the Afghans obtain the logistics needed to support themselves in this time of crisis. He was always fair, honest, loyal and objective when dealing with his subordinates (Americans) and Afghans while we served overseas with an international contracting company.

As a result, it would be my pleasure to show what support I can for James van Beek and his potential sheriff’s position with Eagle County. You could just not ask for a more qualified candidate who has all the potential to make positive changes in Eagle County.

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