Vail Daily letter: Vote yes on 101, 61, 60 |

Vail Daily letter: Vote yes on 101, 61, 60

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO Colorado

Taxpayers, keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

Some other people have written good letters on why to vote “yes” on 101, 61, and 60, so I will just give a quick example of why I agree with them.

Here is one of my reasons.

Our Eagle county schools claim that they will be short on money if these pass. Liars. Remember when the school district said they had to cut back on 50 positions and could not give teachers raises?

Well, then, how come the superintendent Sandra Smyser took a raise on her already high salary of over $181,000?

This is one reason I will be voting yes on all three, 101, 61, 60.

Why should my taxes go to Sandra when she refused to put her raise money into teachers or books or something to help our kids? Instead of suffering like they rest of us in these hard times, Sandra looked out after No. 1, herself, and screwed the other teachers and our kids. Morals and ethics are lacking in today’s public leaders.

The school district also spent about $300,000 on the Minturn Middle School one year before they will close it down. Seems like a waste of money on a school that they voted to close.

I would rather keep every penny I can in these hard times than give my money to a government that wastes it. By paying lower taxes, it will help me buy more food for my family and pay my mortgage. Those things seem more important to me.

That is just one of my reasons. All you have to do is read the paper, watch the news to see some new way our government is spending mine and your tax dollar foolishly. We need a responsible government, not one that is irresponsible and forgets that they work for us.

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Colorado, vote yes on 101, 61, 60. In these hard economic times, let’s keep our hard-earned money in our pockets and not in the government’s.

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