Vail Daily letter: Voters have spoken! |

Vail Daily letter: Voters have spoken!

Dale Bugby
Vail, CO, Colorado

Praise the voters, for it is in their name that we undertake this work. On Nov. 8, 2011, the word of the voters rang down upon the valley and they said build “multi use community space” at the Vail Golf Course. Build it in our name, for it is now sacred.

The word of the voters cannot be denied. It is contained in the ballot language of book one November 2011. Build it and the tourists will come in great numbers and they won’t play golf; they will congregate in great numbers and need parking. Lots of parking and “multi-use community space.” Sacrifice a grassy golf hole in our name and rezone if necessary. Hallelujah, praise the voters.

In the wisdom of the voters’ own words, which we wrote with the help of a ballot language marketing consultant company paid for with your tax dollars, we hold this ballot language to be gospel. The wisdom of the voters cannot be denied. Build “multi-use community space” in our name. Beware of demon golfers who do not follow in our footsteps. There are naysayers and neighbors to hole 18 amongst us that don’t see the light of our pre-ordained truth.

They will rise up just before our blessed bulldozer arrives and speak blasphemy against us. They will talk of golf as if it were sacred and tell you that tourists love it, too. They have not read the word of the voters contained in ballot language book one November 2011: Build “multi-use community space” at the Vail golf course.

I have heard the word of the voters repeated by my disciples in the planning department, the Planning and Environmental Commission, the Vail Recreation District, the Town Council and by the town manager. We must build it. The voters have spoken. We must build “multi-use community space” large enough to have it be a testament to the old ballot language of 2002.

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Damn anyone who speaks of lessening the word of the voters, or the unspecified square footage. Damn the tourists who come here in search of a round of golf and a cold beer in the clubhouse. Damn the homeowners who only care about their real estate investment. Damn the multitudes of the Vail Men’s and Women’s Golf Club who oppose us. We do this work in the voters’ name because we wrote the ballot language, Amen.

Dale Bugby

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