Vail Daily letter: Wake up, Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: Wake up, Eagle

Suzy Price
Vail, CO, Colorado

Much heated discussion has been bantered back and forth about Eagle River Station in the past. I’m looking at Eagle River Station as a lifestyle development, much like Riverwalk in Edwards, which in my mind is great and I enjoy and frequent the shops, restaurants and other services provided.

Based on the recent articles stating that City Market wants to expand and this may cause them to move to Gypsum based on their space needs, I see the Grim Reaper for Eagle.

City Market’s expansion to a larger store would be a great addition to Eagle River Station and bring in much revenue, along with providing a better grocery store in Eagle. As RED stated, it would be happy to talk with City Market-Kroger, and is adding a Kroger into another of its developments elsewhere.

One aspect of this discussion that is critical to Eagle is the money side. Eagle has already lost a third of its budget for services due to loss of jobs and taxes based on people moving out of Eagle to go where there are jobs.

City Market contributes 40 percent of the sales tax revenue used to run the city and provide such critical services as EMTs, police and firemen and women. If City Market does not build in Eagle, that revenue will ultimately be gone.

Once the newer, shinier and larger City Market is built, I have no doubt the decision will be made to eventually close the Eagle location. So, now we are looking at a bankrupt Eagle that can no longer provide the necessary services because the Eagle budget will be further reduced. Not only would this bankrupt the city of Eagle, but the infrastructure would further deteriorate. Who would want to buy and move to a town that is rundown and cannot provide basic


The anti- Eagle River Station folks talk about their grand victory as if it were a landslide. Think about it, if 79 people had voted “yes” instead of “no,” ERS would have passed, and we would be seeing the benefit of more jobs and revenue flowing into Eagle for much needed repairs and growth. In reality, the election was close, and I will go door to door to find 79 people who will support Eagle growth.

We are at the crossroads where we decide if Eagle will move forward or wither and die. I vote for moving forward with wither and City Market in Eagle.

Suzy Price


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