Vail Daily letter: Warming coverage biased? |

Vail Daily letter: Warming coverage biased?

Dave Lundberg
Vail, CO, Colorado

Your Friday story about ski resorts fighting global warming is alarming. Aspen warming by 14 degrees and having the same climate as Amarillo. Fewer resorts opening by their traditional opening dates. Warmer temperatures at night reducing man-made snow. Park City losing 1,100 jobs and $120 million by 2030.

It seems to be a daily occurrence that there are stories in the Vail Daily concerning global warming and that human activities are to blame. It has turned into an argument that has been, literally, beat to death. Quite frankly, I’ve seen enough.

Why do you not fairly represent both sides of this story, Don Rogers? I’m not referring to the editorial page, although I feel that line has been blurred for many years.

Why have i seen very little, if any, coverage of “Climategate?” You know, the e-mails from the CRU at East Anglia that without a doubt present “manipulated data” as fact.

Where is your story about Phil Jones resigning from the CRU in light of these e-mail releases? Where is the article about Al Gore suddenly cancelling a fairly important speech (important to him) to be given at Copenhagen without any explanation as to why? Where is the story about how two of the NOAA’s five climate research stations are in the shadows of active volcanoes? Are we supposed to take that data as gospel?

As you can probably tell, I have yet to be convinced that climate change is man-caused. And when I read that these alleged scientists have been admittedly cooking the books for years and destroying the “factual” data as part of the cover-up, that raises a pretty big red flag for me.

I would like to think that this would raise a pretty big red flag for you as well — big enough to make it into your newspaper.

Is it not the job of journalism to question authority? Are we all not in search of the absolute truth, regardless of the outcome? When literally trillions of our dollars are at stake, don’t we want to get to bottom of this before we write any more checks?

I feel your paper does a huge disservice to your readers, myself included, when your stories seem to be so one-sided. Truth and fairness in journalistic reporting seem to be vanishing commodities these days, and I personally would read your paper with more interest if you kept these two ideas front and center.

Dave Lundberg


Editor’s note: A story on the investigation into the hacked e-mails was in the same issue as the story commented upon, in the Our World section.

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