Vail Daily letter: Warming is ‘leftist’ nonsense |

Vail Daily letter: Warming is ‘leftist’ nonsense

Beric Christiansen
Vail, CO., Colorado

The recent letter by Dennis Jones is so predictable that it could fit into the typical leftist template. It follows the usual formula of being personally derogatory to those who disagree with you.

According to Mr. Jones, Butch Mazzuca is unable to read, he “blithely” ignores those “studying our planet” while the rest of the world “leapfrogs” us and Mr. Mazzuca “arrogantly “dithers.”

He also uses the usual argument that 3,000 scientist are of the “opinion” that we are in danger.

As I have an engineering degree that Mr Jones apparently doesn’t possess (as he says he isn’t a scientist), I never heard of “opinions” being what drove the results of science.

Normally, scientific observations are used to prove theories. Maybe if 3,000 scientists got together, they could come to an “opinion” that pi is 3.0 and get rid of all those other pesky fractions to make calculations easier.

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Possibly, Mr. jones could use his reading skills to find out that many scientists have not fallen in line with his “indisputable” conclusions.

Beric Christiansen


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