Vail Daily letter: Watch out for foxes |

Vail Daily letter: Watch out for foxes

Ben Talbot
Vail, CO, Colorado

Despite the recent dumping of snow, spring has arrived. Hopefully, we will all soon be wearing shorts and watching the flowers bloom.

One aspect of nature that has not been slowed by the wintery weather, however, has been the emergence of fox families. Two in particular have caught my eye: both in Singletree.

One family lives just beyond the west entrance to the community on the south side of Berry Creek Road. The other lives on the north side of Buckboard Road near the west entrance. For many of the people here, these foxes and their newborns have become a unique and fascinating part of our community.

I would love to see signs go up reminding drivers of these amazing creatures who dwell here to slow down and take care. Certainly, our tax dollars would be better spent protecting these new families than spent on more signs asking us to stop our vehicles at the defunct railroad that has not seen a train in 15 years.

As we are frequently reminded, part of being a resident in Eagle County demands that we respect the uniqueness and beauty of the natural world around us and its inhabitants.

So, if Singletree balks and does nothing to put up any “warning” or “slow down” signs, please remember to keep your speed in check and closely observe the roadsides for little fur balls playing in our small community.

Ben Talbot


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