Vail Daily letter: Ways of the world |

Vail Daily letter: Ways of the world

Kudos to Colorado District Attorney Mark Hurlbert for finally coming forward and letting the world know what the United States of America is all about: protection of the rich against the bothersome, inconvenient laws that govern the rabble such as hit-and-run, vehicular assault, dangerous driving, etc.

I’m referring to the case in which money manager Martin Erzinger flattened Dr. Steven Milo and fled the scene.

Everyone knows members of the Republican Party – and those who describe themselves of a “conservative” bent – worship the wealthy, but finally, Hurlbert has provided the baldfaced (and not a little stomach-turning) evidence that this is how American law conducts itself.

I mean, how terrible would it be for Erzinger to have his employment jeopardized by something as trivial as nearly killing another human being with his car – and fleeing the scene?

Everyone knows that the “law” is for truck drivers and garbagemen, teachers and welders, gardeners and tree surgeons – anyone who is worth less than $10 million. Because net worth is just that – measurement of a person’s worth.

Obviously, Erzinger is far more valuable to the community – managing the filthy lucre of economic titans – than a silly doctor. What’s a doctor to society? Just someone who’ll probably reattach the severed hand to the arm of a lifelong thief. Or someone who might perform abortions or perform surgery on gay people.

I write these things with vicious facetiousness because this story, hands down, is among the worst things I’ve ever read – the events, not the writing.

I live in the world, and I know much of it is s—. And I know that the Vail Daily is merely reporting the news.

Oh, what news this is.

Matthew St. Amand

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