Vail Daily letter: We cyclists need to earn respect |

Vail Daily letter: We cyclists need to earn respect

Scot Marana
Vail, CO, Colorado

A reminder to fellow cyclists: Now that spring is here and the temperature is rising and the roads are drying, I would like to remind my fellow cyclists that the rules of the road apply to all of us.

Yesterday, toward the end of a nice long ride, I witnessed a fellow cyclist fly through a three-way intersection that had cars stopped in the other lanes of travel. Reckless actions such as this do nothing to engender goodwill to cyclists by motorists.

If we expect drivers to “share the road” and give us 3 feet when passing, then we need to do our part, as well. Stop at stops signs when cars are present. Stop at red lights. Use a quick hand signal when turning to let others know what you are doing.

It’s not very difficult and won’t make you and your shiny white Italian Colnago any less cool. What it will do is make the road safer for all cyclists, which is very cool. In order to get respect, we need to show respect for the rules. Four thousand pounds of angry speeding metal is no match for my 16 pounds of carbon fiber and aluminum.

Scot Marana


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