Vail Daily letter: We did take back the country |

Vail Daily letter: We did take back the country

Jason W. Denhart
Vail, CO, Colorado

Here’s your modern Republican Party: When they win, they tell you to obey them and their beliefs, or if you don’t like it just get the hell out of the country; or they accuse you of supporting the terrorists.

But when the Republicans lose, they resort to insults, threats and desperate acts of domestic terrorism.

The hatred, the threats, the vandalism, the verbal and physical attacks – this is your Republican Party, people.

The ugly, thug-like behavior this week is what the Tea Party and the 9.12 Project are all about, too. They are domestic terrorists. If you are a member of one of these radical fringe groups, you should be ashamed of yourself. Yesterday, they cut the natural gas lines of a congressman’s brother’s home. They have phoned in bomb threats. They have spit on members of Congress. They have recorded recruiting videos calling for an armed revolt. They have screamed racial slurs at African-American members of Congress; they threw rocks through windows and vandalized congressional offices. They attacked a poor man with Parkinson’s disease (go see the video for yourself on the Internet.)

Colorado congresswoman Betsy Markey has been given special police protection due to the threats on her life and the lives of her family by members of the Colorado Tea Party.

These are not patriotic Americans, these are domestic terrorists who have no place at the table of debate in our civilized society. These groups are breeding the next Timothy McVey, with the knowledge and consent of the Republican Party. The Republicans, the Tea Party members and the 9.12 Project members who have perpetrated this violence and hate should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

After these ugly attacks this week, if you still support or join the Tea Party or the 9.12 Project, then you are supporting organizations that support domestic terrorism, and you do not deserve the respect of civilized Americans. If you are a Republican and you are not standing up to the radical fringe of your party and speaking out against this hatred and fear promoted by the so-called leaders of your party, your silence is deafening. I hope ordinary, independent, civilized Americans reject these elements in our society and stand up against these crazy radicals.

What these 9.12 Project members, these Tea Party members and these domestic terrorists obviously don’t understand is that we did take back our country. We took it back in November 2008, and we did it the American way – at the ballot box.

And we took it back from people like you. We rejected your right-wing conservative radicalism. We rejected your hate speech. We rejected your extremist beliefs. And we did it the American way, by voting.

I urge everyone reading this letter to reject the Tea Party, reject the 9.12 Project and reject Republican Party extremists such as Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin for what they are – ugly Americans who are inciting violence and resorting to domestic terrorism.

The United States of America is better than this.

Jason W. Denhart


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