Vail Daily letter: We love Ski Patrol |

Vail Daily letter: We love Ski Patrol

Madrona Newton
Vail, CO, Colorado

This letter is in regard to the wonderful Ski Patrol of Vail. My family and friends have been coming to Vail for the last 30 years from Mexico City and Australia. All together with children and grandchildren, cousins, etc., we number about 59.

We come in the summer, too. We have had a variety of interaction with the Vail Ski Patrol. Even though some of the situations were tense (dislocated collarbone, sprained ankle, high altitude heart scare) the Ski Patrol members made us feel safe and were always empathetic to our feelings. Real professionals. They have even wiped a couple of kids noses with a sense of humor.

These men and women get up early, face freezing conditions, train continually and work very hard on the mountain. They don’t just ski around looking cool. If you put in a day with one of them, you will be dragging your butt at the end of the day. They are dedicated.

Here’s my problem. I know what kind of hourly salary they make. It’s pathetic.

How can Vail continually brag about these pros in paper and magazine articles and yet pay them such a ridiculous wage? Do they need a union to come in? I know some union people that could help.

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Vail needs to stand behind its infrastructure of employees more. I don’t mean the ones sitting at a desk and raking in a good salary and benefits.

Upgrade the policies to pay your workers that count! The ones that people like us come into contact with every time we ski. Every time.

We love the Ski Patrol members, with their smiles, jokes, dogs … all the time knowing that they are there to help and protect us.

Madrona Newton

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