Vail Daily letter: We need ERS |

Vail Daily letter: We need ERS

Todd Morrison
Eagle, CO Colorado

I’m always amazed at how some people can get it so wrong or can come up with such misleading statements about the Eagle River Station project, which just was approved by the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

In two recent Vail Daily letters to the editor, these egregiously silly statements were made: “I don’t know one person who would vote yes.” I can only assume the writer doesn’t know anybody. Over 1,000 people voted yes in the last referendum.

Here’s another: “Mr. Boni (the town planner) should have immediately excused himself from anything to do with ERS. To believe he would be unbiased seems very unrealistic to me.” What a terrible accusation to make about a dedicated staff member.

I can’t help but think how ridiculous some people sound, who have no background in design or development, when they tell the experienced developer how to design his shopping center.

In a recent letter to the town, the writer listed 29 items dealing with landscaping, architecture, sidewalks, parapets, renderings, roofs, walls, loading docks, etc, etc, that he questioned or suggested changing.

Get real, guy. Go do whatever it is you do for a living, and let the expert developer and the town staff sort out the design of the project.

And finally, this: “To me, Eagle River Station is way beyond any form of financial practicality ….”

Yeah, right, a developer who has put together over 30 shopping centers in the United States without one going dark is happily throwing his money down the ERS drain because it brings him such joy.

I request the Town Board approve this project and that the citizens of Eagle ask their elected officials to do so. The financial rewards to the town for this project in terms of jobs, around 1,500 permanent ones, and tax revenue are enormous. We need Eagle River Station.

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