Vail Daily letter: We need our forest roads open |

Vail Daily letter: We need our forest roads open

Patty Henke
Vail, CO, Colorado

We also need to think of the devastation a wildfire could do. How many years would it take for the watershed, wildlife and forests to recover from a large wildfire?

If roads are left open, these roads could make containing a wildfire faster and easier; 3,213 acres of roads left open to help protect in 2.3 million acres of White River National Forest seems like cheap insurance. I urge you not to support any wilderness proposals that close existing roads.

There is no question the U.S. Forest Service needs more money to manage our forests and enforce laws. Instead of spending so much money on different wilderness proposals, imagine how much could be accomplished by giving it all to the White River National Forest.

Patty Henke


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