Vail Daily letter: We need the jobs |

Vail Daily letter: We need the jobs

Tim O'Brien
Vail, CO, Colorado

As a contractor in the Eagle area for more than 10 years, I would like to take a moment to share my outlook on the current economic environment here and what the Haymeadow community in Eagle brings to the table.

Construction activity has dried up in the past few years for the residential building industry in Eagle.

Many of my friends and co-workers, local contractors who have been working here for decades, are gone, doing other things or hanging on by a thread.

The amount of work available today is a fraction of what it has been historically.

In Haymeadow, we have a local developer whose project would provide 20 years of work to build out and who has committed to hiring all local contractors.

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Bringing construction jobs back to our community sounds like a great thing to me, not to mention the benefit that it provides when contractors, subcontractors and other workers and those employed by the project in all ends of the spectrum, spend their money in the community’s restaurants, shops and businesses.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Eagle’s smalltown charm, and I do not want to see that change.

I have looked at the plan that has been submitted to the town of Eagle for Haymeadow, and it looks to me to continue the original vision.

It has more open space than development, and includes miles of new trails and many new parks.

I hope the town of Eagle votes to approve this project, so we can have some long-term, well-designed development.

Maybe in the future there will be different industries and opportunities for employment for our kids, but during that transition, 20 years of good-paying building jobs in Eagle will help local contractors, like me, and the community’s economy.

Tim O’Brien


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