Vail Daily letter: We should arm up |

Vail Daily letter: We should arm up

Frank Lorenti
Vail, CO, Colorado

I must say that I have lost all respect for Rohn Robbins after I read his biased and disgusting column about the school shootings, “A call for limits to the Second Amendment,” on Dec. 19.

Rohn actually said, “How many dead school kids would you like for Christmas?”

As a parent I am appalled at this question. I also support one’s right to defend one’s family.

Rohn says he wants to ban guns at schools. Guess what, Rohn? Guns are already banned at all Colorado public schools from elementary to high school.

Yet we still have mass school shootings. Seems criminals do not follow the laws. Cowards like to go to gun-free zones because no law-abiding citizen is allowed to carry a gun there, so the coward knows no one will shoot back at him.

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Rohn also wants to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get a concealed weapon permit.

Rohn is a scary guy. He wants to make more laws that criminals do not follow, while at the same time limiting law-abiding citizens’ right to defend themselves.

Only criminals will have guns, leaving the rest of us to be killed at will. No thanks Rohn. Our government and police cannot fully protect us. Each individual has to be their own advocate for personal safety.

Remember the theater shooting in Aurora. The next time you are in a theater, look around and think what would you do if a deranged person came in with a gun. Guns are banned, and the police are not there to protect you. You have to call them. It takes minutes for a response. Meanwhile, it only takes seconds for the gunman to start the carnage.

Now think if you are a concealed weapon holder with your gun in a theater. You have the means to defend yourself and return fire within seconds, saving your live and countless others.

In Aurora and other shootings, people were killed and wounded before the police arrived.

Unfortunately, these are the times we are now living in and our government can not ever guarantee that criminals will not have guns in America.

So what legal law-abiding citizens can do is get licensed to carry a concealed weapon. In that way they are protecting their right to defend themselves. Our government cannot even stop the illegal flow of drugs into our country and our schools. It is illegal to drive drunk, yet people get killed all the time by drunk drivers because the police cannot stop it. .

A few years ago I fought and won an issue in Minturn in which our council wanted to ban concealed weapon holders from carrying them in council meetings and offices. This was an illegal attempt by council to infringe on our safety and thank goodness I defeated that issue. I win a few in Minturn, for those of you who follow my letters.

So when Rohn asks the disgusting question, “How many dead school kids would you like for Christmas?” I say none Rohn, and let’s protect our kids by allowing concealed weapon holders more rights.

The police do a good job, but they just cannot protect us 100 percent of the time. This was proven in every one of the latest shootings.

So Rohn, I will tell you what I would like to see under every law-abiding individuals Christmas tree is a concealed weapon permit card. Then maybe these deranged gunman will think twice about mass shootings when the masses shoot back.

My contact info is if anyone has questions about concealed weapons permit, which varies from state to state.

Frank Lorenti


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