Vail Daily letter: Weezer disappointment |

Vail Daily letter: Weezer disappointment

Misty Powell
Frisco, CO Colorado

I was greatly disappointed at the Vail Snow Daze Weezer show, as I’m certain almost all attendees were. As I looked around after the show ended, all eyes were expectant. More … they wanted more.

I understand the show is free, but as an artist you get paid to do what you love, so when it’s time to give a free show I feel you should do it right.

Mainly, though, it seems the information given on show times was widely miscommunicated. The site and newspaper said 6-9 with opener, so imagine my surprise when we get there at 6:30, search for parking and walk 15 minutes to hear three songs just to have to walk back with no encore.

I’m not the only one either. Some friends of mine missed the whole show coming from Keystone. I know people who were coming from Denver, also.

The site said the venue opens at 4, but I believe most people would think that’s for those who wanted first row, to hang with friends and drink or who wanted good parking.

Besides the miscommunication though, Weezer really should have played longer. That was just disrespectful, I feel. The whole crowd moved foward with hope of an encore as others were leaving. We watched them pack up still hopeful, until at last the drum kit was being disassembled when we realized it was not happening.

A lot of people factored in an opener time set starting at 6, since we all knew Weezer would not play for three hours. I believe most were exptecting a two-hour play time. An hour to an hour 15 is just a shame.

I love Weezer, but shame on Weezer and shame on the misleading show time information. I was in the middle of the crowd and I can say with all confidence the crowd’s vibe was pure disappointment. That’s not to say they didn’t enjoy the show, just that they were expecting more, and I believe rightly so.

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