Vail Daily letter: Welcome to socialism |

Vail Daily letter: Welcome to socialism

Michael Schneider
Vail, CO, Colorado

Well, Madam Pelosi of the House of Lords in Washington, D.C., gleefully announced that she has herded the blue sheep into the health-care reform corral.

Included was one “red sheep” who folded. That sheep was Rep. Joseph Cao, La. I hope the celebration was both for the passage of the bill and that they were acknowledging early retirement.

For those of us on Medicare and who are on either side of the health-care reform debacle realize that starting in 2012, before you will be able to seek treatment, you will have to see a gatekeeper who will determine your needs. Welcome to socialism!

Folks, you are watching the systematic unraveling of the constitutional protection that we have all taken for granted.

This socialist adminitration is on its way of stripping Americans of our unalienable rights given to us by the founders.

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We can now tell Ben Franklin that we were unable to hold on to the republic. We have done this because the majority rolled over last November and voted for charisma.

Stop sitting around, thinking that all will be OK because it always has. Wrong! Worry for your children and future generations.

Rise up and join groups like the tea parties and 9.12 Projects. Do it now.

Participate or bear the responsibility of your non-actions! Do not let the Senate pass this attack on the citizens of the United States.

Michael Schneider


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