Vail Daily letter: Well-managed project |

Vail Daily letter: Well-managed project

Melanie Molloy
Edwards, CO Colorado

As a resident of Edwards, and someone who has to pass through the current roundabout construction on a daily basis, I write this letter to recognize something that I am sure doesn’t get noticed very often. Although there have been a couple of glitches in the traffic flow, to me the overall management of the project appears to be outstanding!

I have been frustrated by delays, and there was even one time I was entering the access road from Miller Ranch Road and the traffic light wasn’t working. But when I pass through there, I see smiling faces on the part of the crew. I also see progress every day.

But the part that I want to highlight here is the fact that someone is managing the project such that they create new traffic patterns nearly every day, but yet each evening before they leave the project is left in a state that allows it to function independently.

To build four roundabouts in such a small

area, manage the incredible volume of traffic

that goes through that space every day and

leave it all in working order each evening and

each weekend is quite a feat, and I would like to commend the folks who make it happen. Thank you.

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