Vail Daily letter: We’ll miss you, Doc |

Vail Daily letter: We’ll miss you, Doc

Johnny Pohlmann
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dr. Charles Tuft was a caring, kind and compassionate man. I had the privilege of getting to know Charlie as a neighbor, friend and impromptu patient over the course of the last year and a half. Charlie was always outgoing and ready to lend a helping hand.

When I first moved to Vail, like many new residents, I was too broke to afford quality health insurance. In spite of this, Charlie was always there to inspect injuries sustained on the hill or give me advice if I was feeling ill.

Charlie also took great care of all the patients he frequented at our hotel in his vocation at Alpine Mobile Physicians. Whether it was altitude sickness or a case of influenza, Charlie’s bedside manner was there to calm the weary and provide the necessary treatment.

Charlie’s untimely death also highlights the importance of being safe on the mountain. Unfortunately I happened to be the scene moments after Charlie’s accident.

He didn’t die on a backcountry cliff or some remote off-piste cornice. Charlie perished on a green, in-bounds ski run. We all need to take a second and remember to be safe as we negotiate our favorite mountains and ski areas. This means being keenly aware of our surroundings and respecting the mountain itself.

Vail suffered a great loss last week and we should all remember to do our part to promote safety. Rest in peace, Charlie. You will be forever missed.

Johnny Pohlmann

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