Vail Daily letter: Well, that’s silly |

Vail Daily letter: Well, that’s silly

Art Allard
Vail, CO, Colorado

Consider the ignorance and the hypocrisy: The Shore Patrol woman on duty at a nature-destroying gated community (Arrowhead) turns away a solitary mountain runner for elk-calving season.

Meanwhile, the mountain catwalk (at minimum) is littered with discarded plastic water bottles, Kleenex, and full, unretrieved dog waste bags.

In addition, daily trips in this and every season are made by maintenance trucks to service vacant mountain mansions when said runner has been critically vocal for the better part of 40 years concerning this ongoing, ruinous stupidity.

Yet, local, county, state and federal agencies during all these years (in cowardice and neglect) have remained deaf, dumb and blind to the essential problem.

For you see, the person who fails to respect creation by definition fails to respect the Creator … and that is a serious matter.

Art Allard


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