Vail Daily letter: Well worth your time |

Vail Daily letter: Well worth your time

Beric Christiansen
Vail, CO, Colorado

On Saturday, March 13, the Eagle County 9.12 group sponsored a lecture titled “The Constitution Made Easy.”

There were 45 people willing to give up their Saturday to become informed citizens. Mr. Mike Holler made the presentation.

The information presented covered the history of the Constitution of the United States and the meaning of its many parts.

This is a lecture that persons from all parts of the political spectrum would find useful as preservation of our individual liberty should be important to all citizens and should not be a partisan issue.

I do not believe that most citizens in this country have taken the time to sit down and read the Constitution and to understand what a special document it is and how special the writers were as well.

I urge all Americans to take the time to understand this document’s importance in the life we are able to lead because of it. I believe that the schools in Colorado should present a lecture like this and we could start the ball rolling right here in Eagle County.

Beric Christiansen


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