Vail Daily letter: We’ve got it pretty good |

Vail Daily letter: We’ve got it pretty good

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

It seems to me that we who live here in this area are very fortunate. Not many of us live in shanties or have to ask for handouts and we’re not plagued with violent gangs, armed robberies or drive-by shootings.

Instead we can live in relative dignity and are surrounded by lots of polite and decent neighbors.

And so I’m somewhat astonished by the number of “bitching” letters that appear in this newspaper.The drivers hate the bikers, the skiers hate the snow boarders, the gun owners hate the government, and the members of the tea party seem to hate all democratically elected incumbents.

And then I wonder, are we all hateful or is it one 20 percent group who are simply malcontents and do all the hating and letter writing? I sincerely hope it’s the latter because we are really screwed up if most of us believe that life could be much better than it is right here and now!

David Le Vine

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