Vail Daily letter: What a name can do |

Vail Daily letter: What a name can do

Patsy McGaughy
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have read with interest the ongoing conversation regarding the name change of The Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis to Can Do MS. As someone who has been connected to The Heuga Center for MS for 15 years as a donor, a volunteer and a beneficiary of its programs, I feel the need to comment about this controversy.

To me, Can Do MS describes in a very succinct way what this amazing place and its life-changing programs are all about. For those supporting the work of The Heuga Center for MS by raising funds, it eliminates the need for a long and complex “elevator speech” of all the benefits a donation can provide by simply stating the mission of the charity in just a few words.

For someone with multiple sclerosis, it captures the essence of what we all strive for: a life filled with the joy and satisfaction of enjoying what each of us CAN DO, not the frustration of being unable to achieve that which is beyond our limitations.

When I read the negative comments about the name change, I see a pattern: a re-hashing of the past. What Jimmie was; what he accomplished; what his life has been with MS.

I love and respect Jimmie and owe him beyond words for the inspiration he has given to my life with MS. I also know that Jimmie is someone who lives for the future — someone who aspires to be all they can be, not someone who laments about that which was.

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That is the essence of Can Do MS: a vision for the future and a statement to help this unique charity continue the important work of helping those with MS and their care partners enjoy a more rewarding and more enjoyable life.

I believe this is exactly what Jimmie had in his heart and in his head when he started The Heuga Center and the Snow Express for MS some 25 years ago.

Can Do MS does not signify the end of the incredible passion, devotion, and good work of a great man, Jimmie Heuga.

Instead, this change in name only has the power to perpetuate the legacy of that man’s dream, his passion, and his inspiration, which will live on for many, many years to come.

Patsy McGaughy

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