Vail Daily letter: What do you people want? |

Vail Daily letter: What do you people want?

Kris Sampson
Edwards, CO Colorado

Dear Peter Bergh,

I’m guessing from the tone in which you refer to “Obama Care” that you are a Republican. What exactly do you people want?

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of witnessing John Boehner on a Sunday morning talk show wax eloquent about how it is his God-given right as an American to smoke cigarettes. Lots of them. Maybe that’s why he has to spray tan himself into looking like Elmo – to cover the ashen gray color that he normally is. Sort of like dyeing farmed salmon.

I agree that most Americans, the great state of Colorado excepted, are in abysmal shape. But neither party had the guts to stand up and say that during the health care debate. Instead, your hero Sarah Palin brings cookies to a school event to protest our “nanny state” and slams Michelle Obama for trying to fight the childhood obesity problem. What do you people want?

Virtually none of us is without “sin” in the health arena. Do you ski, snowboard, ride a bike? Those are all dangerous activities, and many people probably do not feel like subsidizing your injuries. Do you always wear a helmet doing these activities or a seatbelt when driving? Do you eat meat, because I could point you toward some very compelling scientific evidence that doing so may cause cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Why don’t we just deny health coverage to everyone except those who live in a padded, protective bubble filled with organic, vegan food?

Yes, we absolutely need to take better care of ourselves in this

country. I share your frustration

with the state of our health and

the people who refuse to take responsibility. But denying sick people, who are truly suffering, coverage so that they actually die is just barbaric and inhumane.

How about you send a letter to Boehner and Palin telling them they should be denied coverage? Seriously, what do you people want?

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