Vail Daily Letter: What does Eagle need? |

Vail Daily Letter: What does Eagle need?

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I have read all the long and dramat-ic letters to the editor regarding Eagle River Station. People seem to keep pleading with people to see it their way. But it is really quite simple: What does Eagle need?

As a resident of Eagle since 1982, I have seen “growth” and I have seen “development.” Growth is necessary, development is not. Seriously ask yourself, what does Eagle need?

What do I think Eagle needs? I think we need a recreation center much like Gypsum’s or a larger franchise such as Gold’s Gym or 24 Hour Fitness. I think we need a larger post office with more parking, and I think we need a hospi-tal. None of that comes with ERS.

Why are people so desperate to bring in ERS? I assume it is because all the real estate agents and construction workers think it will bail them out.

What happens when they hire out-of- town construction companies? What happens when the housing mar-ket is flooded with even more homes and condos, and it kills the existing property values? What happens when the construction is over, and there is no more viable space for new con-struction? Won’t everyone be back in the same exact boat as they are now? People are not looking long term.

Personally, ERS doesn’t give me anything from my list of needs. I think it will cause more traffic problems, lower property values and burn up the last bit of open space that could have been used for “growth” in the future, rather than development.

People seem to forget, we get all the negatives, while the current landowner and developer gets to pad their bank accounts and then leave the valley.

By the way, how many commercial spaces are still sitting empty in Eagle Ranch and the Airport Business Cen-ter? I am voting “no.”

Andrew Mundo, Eagle

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