Vail Daily letter: What happened to sportsmanship? |

Vail Daily letter: What happened to sportsmanship?

Allison Butler
Eagle, CO Colorado

Last night, I attended the Berry Creek vs. Gypsum Creek Middle School eighth-grade football championship game. I was appalled at the way the Gypsum Creek Middle School team was coached in the second half. The score at halftime was 28-0 in favor of Gypsum Creek. After a long pass, a trick play and several more passes, Gypsum Creek scored again. Instead of going for one point, they went for two and scored. This happened more than once, with the final score ending at 49-7.

This would have been fine if it were a college (maybe high school?) game. At that level, the players are older and this kind of beating does not affect them as it does an eighth-grade child. Aren’t we supposed to teach our children good sportsmanship? Especially in the school system?

I can only hope that these eighth-graders have others that they can learn from that do not behave as their coach.

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