Vail Daily letter: What happened with annexation? |

Vail Daily letter: What happened with annexation?

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO Colorado

Eagle County Schools wants to annex about 104 acres into Minturn, and at the last meeting, on second reading, they postponed it.

My question is, why?

Maybe because the Dean Adler/Ginn annexation was ruled illegal by a judge so there is no way that this annexation should legally move forward until the Adler/Ginn annexation is cleared up.

What our council has already approved at the first reading is approval for 150 homes plus 10 additional employee homes.

This equates to 432 people with the 2.7 people per household formula and around 640 extra car trips per day coming through Minturn. Council has no traffic plan nor does it seem that they care.

According to Minturn’s Three Mile Annexation Plan, they are supposed to improve infrastructure with any annexation in that area. Council has not done that.

We currently have about 500 homes, so adding 160 more is a very big deal and will put increased demand on our already failing infrastructure. The School District doesn’t pay taxes, so Minturn gets no money from them, so the citizens will have to pay more.

I had asked for some benefits for the citizens and to start a special reserve fund that would get money from any development and would help with building sidewalks, bike paths, parks, etc., but council refused. Maybe the school district is rethinking this and might offer the citizens some things, I can only hope.

Here is a part of the annexation agreement that should worry council, but it doesn’t:

“Future district development may, or may not be a part of such non-district development, at the discretion of the district.”

Minturn will not have any control over district development.

Yet with all these negative items, our council still approved it at the first reading and would have passed it at the second reading had the school district not tabled it. I know there are issues, but what happened behind the scenes to stop a sure thing for the school district really has my interest piqued. My website has more on this at

I like the letters from the teachers kids at Minturn Middle School about global warming, but it seems ironic because Minturn is very environmentally unfriendly. Minturn loses about 50 percent of our drinking water before it even gets to our faucet. This means about 50 cents of every dollar we pay is wasted.

Minturn is also the only town in the valley that doesn’t have a recycling center. See the Vail Daily article “Recycling 101” on Jan. 30. So maybe council should read these kids’ letters and try and be a little more environmentally friendly, or the teacher should teach the other side of global warming.

Also, council mentioned that they are getting closer to rules on medical marijuana. Citizens voted for this six months ago.

Amazing how long it takes council to do what the citizens want.

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