Vail Daily letter: What has Polis done? |

Vail Daily letter: What has Polis done?

Jon Silver
Boulder, CO Colorado

I have a problem voting for Jared Polis, and I’m a Democrat! I was watching C-SPAN one day when they introduced “the gentleman from Colorado.” Polis spoke for 10 minutes about how we should honor the basketball team that just won the NCAA finals. I couldn’t believe this lost opportunity to present what he is “so passionate about.” Or maybe he just did!

He never mentioned illegal immigration or the mountain pine beetle epidemic, never presented ideas about how he was going to create jobs, and so forth. So what has he done for us in four years? He introduced the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010, which promotes serving “plant-based” foods in schools. I had no idea that eating meat was such a problem.

May I suggest that if you want to vote for someone who talks a lot about the issues but gets nothing done, vote for your neighbor or best friend in the write-in section of the ballot.

I think we should reduce greenhouse gases, which, as you know, is the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. According to the latest infrared satellite imagery, most of this uncontainable hot air seems to be emanating from Washington, D.C. Vote for me, and I will have everyone in Washington wear tape over their mouths, which will create jobs at the company that makes duct tape.

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