Vail Daily letter: What I said |

Vail Daily letter: What I said

Fredric Butler
Vail, CO Colorado

Mr. Murawka apparently does not comprehend the English language as reflected in his retort to my last letter.

I never said that the 3.8 percent surcharge applied only to homeowners whose incomes are under $250,000. And, I never mentioned the joint marital tax exemption on the sale or transfer of the primary residence.

What was stated was there is a hidden 3.8 percent surcharge tax in the health-care bill on the transfer of residential real estate when Mr. Obama declared that there would not be, and that there would be a $500 billion tax hit over the next 10 years when Mr. Obama said that there would not be were his bill approved.

Mr. Murawka should revisit my article, and try not to parse his liberal agenda into my expressed meaning.