Vail Daily letter: What I’d like to know from commissioner candidates |

Vail Daily letter: What I’d like to know from commissioner candidates

Fredric Butler
Vail, CO, Colorado

I thought it might be a providential idea before Nov. 6 to submit a wish list by the voters to the commissioner candidates and one remaining incumbent, although how each responds to the concerns of their fellow citizens might belie his or her true beliefs or value system to garner a vote may not reflect one’s convictions and commitment. I hope that each would respond and address the following issues, either through this newspaper or at the debate podium. Accordingly, I would ask:

Do you think that the existing land use regulations of Eagle County are so complex, convoluted and onerous that they suppress growth in the construction trades, eliminate construction and real estate related jobs and increase the costs of new construction for the aspirant home owner or business developer? If you are ambivalent or non-committal, then are you aware of its provisions? In keeping with this issue, what is your read on the eco-regulations?

How would you trim the administrative expenses and costs of the county government – that is, reduce top level salaries and that of the commissioners themselves to a more service-orientated scale rather than the career pay rates?

How much of your own salary would you be willing to reduce in order to save jobs at lower levels of government?

Where public funds have been channeled to the coffers of private land holders in the past with no direct benefit to the public, as with non-development easements, would you revise that policy in the future?

Would you vote to repeal the open space ordinance and redirect those funds to the development or redevelopment of those public lands that could be put to a private beneficial use?

Rather than expressing your concerns about central planning out of Denver, New York (United Nations) or Washington, D.C., regarding the use and enjoyment of our public lands (about 85 percent in Eagle County), what would be your specific platform commitments to localize control of those lands, even the Hidden Gems?

Finally, are you committed to the promotion of private enterprise, the free market and less governmental control over individual interests.

In other words, rather than incessantly legislating more ordinances, resolutions and required licenses, would you consider reducing that which we have already on the books, especially where they are shown to be counterproductive, overbearing, arbitrarily applied or simply inane?

We all are looking for definitive solutions, not just what your concerns may be – not promises “to do something about it,” but your intrepid convictions, one way or the other.

Fredric Butler

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