Vail Daily letter: What is happening to our country? |

Vail Daily letter: What is happening to our country?

Dr. Michael Schneider Vail, CO,

I recently witnessed a tirade by Michael Moore as he was advocating for a single-payer health-care system. He excoriated President Obama. “Come on, you’re one of us! We’ve got your back!” It sounded like an exchange between the Sharks and the Jets in “West Side Story.” Michael Moore, in his trademark baseball cap, purports to be a common man for the common man when in fact with a net worth of over $500 million he lives well above the standard of the common man. He is the poster boy for the wealthy elitists who think they know what is best for the rest of us but who will never be affected by their efforts to remold our country into what they believe it should be. In Mark Levin‚s “Liberty & Tyranny” there is an analogy of what our founder’s meant when they spoke of equality and what the new left sees as equality. The founders saw “equality” as equality of the rights of man and the equal opportunity to aspire to anything you were capable of being. The new left views “equality” as everyone sharing equally. If you have three and I have one the,n you must give me one so we both have two. That is socialism at work. That is not who we are. That mindset removes the incentive to work hard to pursue and achieve one‚s goals and aspirations. We should be (and we are) a kind and caring nation. We care for the downtrodden and as a nation we give more, personally, to those in need both here at home and throughout the world than any other nation. That does not say that we are not with warts that need to be addressed. We do not need to be forced to share equally via increased taxes and fees (another word for taxes). There are ways to reform health care without burdening our children, grandchildren and possibly our great-grandchildren. We need to return to the mindset of our founders. Join the Vail Valley 912 Project if you think this makes sense.Dr. Michael Schneider Vail

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