Vail Daily letter: What it will take |

Vail Daily letter: What it will take

Peter Bergh
Edwards, CO Colorado

Over many centuries, whether engaged in a shooting war or an economic one, the majority of the spoils have, without exception, gone to the nation with the strongest overall economy. The U.S. Civil War is an example of this, as is World War II.

Today, the mood in the United States is not a good one. When polled, the majority of the population feels that the country is on the wrong track, and most people are deeply concerned and afraid as mounting evidence clearly reveals that we are falling further and further behind in the race to the top. Like a fibrillating heart that beats faster and faster but pumps very little life-giving blood, our economy is stagnant and the country faces a tsunami of unemployment, foreclosures, wars, mounting debt, deficits and despair.

History reveals that on many occasions when the people of the United States have perceived great danger approaching, they have quickly set aside differing ideologies, have allowed keen minds to work out solutions and have put their collective shoulders to the wheel in order to prove over and over again that this nation is one nation and unbeatable. Democracy has withstood the test of time, and it is time to put democracy to the test once again.

Just as the Soviet Bloc collapsed some 30 years ago as communism proved to be uncompetitive and a very poor form of government, today the Western European countries that have evolved into social welfare states are also showing signs of not being able to effectively compete in today’s global economy.

On the other side of the world, Asian nations have demonstrated an ability to produce vast quantities of high-quality, competitively priced products of every type that the rest of the world desires; and yesterday we learned that China is likely to surpass the United States in terms of GDP in 2016. The economic successes of these nations has come not without a human cost, however.

Therefore it is most depressing to watch the United States burning while the Democrats and the Republicans continue to fiddle about, most members of both parties showing far more concern with their own narrow view or ideology and their ability to be re-elected rather than for the fate of the nation. Posturing trumping productive endeavors at great peril to the country.

The dangers to our very survival as a strong nation are at hand and are very real. In order to overcome them, it will take a unified and concerted effort by everyone in elected office, a much strengthen business community to provide the funding for all that must be done, considerable shared personal sacrifices, greatly improved public school education, effective control over our borders, a determination of what is affordable and what is not, and a strong will and desire to remain the greatest nation on Earth.

How about it everyone, are we, once again, up to the task?

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