Vail Daily letter: What ‘progressive’ means |

Vail Daily letter: What ‘progressive’ means

Joanne Harris
Vail, CO, Colorado

As a concerned citizen, I attended the Democratic gathering at Fiesta’s. I didn’t realize the Democrats knew what the word “progressive” meant. The lady I was sitting next to was the only one I spoke with. Openly, she called herself a progressive and said, “We have to move forward.” Boldly, she stated the Constitution was an antiquated document written in a time with totally different things like computers. I told her I liked the Constitution. Turning her back on me, she spoke to me no


Progressive means progressing toward centralized government control. It has been tried using several different names in history. Progressive fits in this group of names somewhere: liberal, socialist, marxist, communist. I believe that in the progression, it fits after liberal and before socialist. Nazi and fascist also fit somewhere.

Is it so hard for Eagle Valley residents to see the progression here? Two goals are to get rid of the middle class and take over businesses.

Does the attack on the Chamber of Commerce mean something? Can residents see the 500 foreclosures and 688 tax delinquencies and realize the middle class is losing ground here? Businesses are hurting here.

With the knowledge experience brings, Hickenlooper spoke authoritatively about creating businesses. My ability to think has me questioning his ability to confront three Democratic demons:1)How about the Bush tax cuts expiring? 2) How about cap and trade? 3) How about what Obama’s health care is already doing to


Sara Fisher spoke briefly and uttered the same old obvious and tiring rhetoric: “Tourism makes us strong.” She is a lot of things, such as compassionate and caring, but clueless when it comes to business. If you have been reading about Claudia Alexander, you see she has 1,000 times more business expertise than Sara Fisher.

Joanne Harris


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