Vail Daily letter: What would change in Eagle, really? |

Vail Daily letter: What would change in Eagle, really?

Paulette Ash
Vail, CO, Colorado

I viewed Cody Downard’s video on “Keep it” concerning Eagle River Station and I have a few questions: If the voters vote yes for Eagle River Station:

Is our natural beauty going to disappear in Eagle Ranch? Is outdoor recreation going to stop? Are you going to stop skiing, biking, hiking, fishing or going to Sylvan Lake State park?

Will you no longer use the BMX track? Will you avoid the wonderful single-track bike paths? Are the things you do day-to-day going to change?

Is the climate going to change because of ERS? Will we get less snow? Will there be less sunshine?Will you not raise your family here? Will you not send your children to Brush Creek Elementary or Eagle Valley Middle School?

The commonsense answer in my opinion, to these questions is no! Your life is not going to be affected in a negative way. Instead of going to Glenwood, Avon or Silverthorne, wouldn’t you prefer to keep the revenue in Eagle if at all possible? Wouldn’t this mean less gas and more time at home!

The video says there is still much unleased space in Eagle. Could this be because the landlords of these properties feel it’s necessary to charge unrealistic per-square-foot pricing which may not be competitive today?

Take a look at Old Cherry Creek in Denver, a quaint diverse retail area across the street from Cherry Creek Mall. From all outward appearances small business seems to be faring well with their large retail neighbors.

Isn’t a little bit of something better than a whole lot of nothing? Eagle’s future is in our hands. Let’s do something positive for our community.

Paulette Ash


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