Vail Daily letter: What’s best for national forest? |

Vail Daily letter: What’s best for national forest?

Randy Guerriero
Vail, CO, Colorado

It is great to hear from so many locals as to what they do or say they do in our public lands and how the Hidden Gems proposal does or does not affect their favorite activity. Many talk about how the proposal has or should be changed to accommodate them or whether the proposal should be dropped completely.

Is this about what is best for this person or that or this group or that or what is best for the public as a whole, and will this be a better use of our public lands?

It seems that for 100 years, the Forest Service and BLM have been in the business of managing our public lands. Maybe everyone does not agree with every decision they make, but that is to be expected.

The management entities have trained well-educated staffs whose goal has been to do the best job of determining through studies and with proper public input how to best manage our public lands.

Why pay these people and then push them aside and have a special-interest group come in and decide what the best use is for our public lands?

Please let the Forest Service do its job and ignore groups like the Hidden Gems who want to push their views on the people of our country.

Randy Guerriero


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