Vail Daily letter: What’s is this in Eagle-Vail? |

Vail Daily letter: What’s is this in Eagle-Vail?

R. Bruce Beckwith
Vail, CO, Colorado

On July 21, the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association issued a dense, 50-page document titled “Policy and Procedure for Adoption and Amendment of Policies, Procedures and Rules.”

Notice and copies of this sweeping proposed policy were to “be posted on the association’s website, and an e-mail sent to all owners who have provided the association with an e-mail address notifying such owners that a proposed policy has been posted and that owners shall have 10 days to provide comments or feedback on the proposed policy.”

Clearly, any property owner so foolish as not to have a computer or an e-mail address, or to have been on a trip or vacation, is not entitled to notice and an opportunity to review the 50-page document.

To arbitrarily disenfranchise a property owner unable to receive or respond to the proposed changes would seem to abrogate the owner’s property rights, and any opportunity for attorney review and comment.

This rush to action in the middle of a heavy vacation period is unconscionable, suggesting that broad, proper review is being discouraged, for whatever reason.

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It is also curious that this has been promulgated on the letterhead of the EVPOA, which ceased twice-monthly informal meetings with homeowners three years ago, and is now essentially little more than a revenue source for the Metro District.

R. Bruce Beckwith

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