Vail Daily letter: What’s so bad about it? |

Vail Daily letter: What’s so bad about it?

Gene Henry
Vail, CO Colorado

“The GOP agenda,” by Jim Cameron (Sept. 8 letter to the editor): Mr. Cameron, the operative word is Koch employs 70,000 in a free-market business. These people pay taxes! If half of these employees are domestic and only make $50,000 a year, that would generate $1.5 billion in tax revenue.

So you want more federal regulators to make sure Koch does not expand their business and generate more taxes? So what is Koch violating? The GOP agenda is free-market taxpaying jobs. The Obama Democrat agenda is to regulate and stifle job growth.

It is obvious why we have 9 percent unemployment (actually closer to 20 percent). Keep up the good work, Obama. We have to stop those evil companies and their tax-paying job creation!

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