Vail Daily letter: What’s this ‘Vail Valley’? |

Vail Daily letter: What’s this ‘Vail Valley’?

Michael Cacioppo
Vail, CO, Colorado

Enough already, please, of almost every headline on your home page in tonight’s online edition errantly starting out with “Vail Valley.” This edition had no less than six headlines beginning with “Vail Valley.”

There is no Vail Valley!

I hereby cite six examples of your paper’s headline errors:

• “Vail Valley memorial dedicated Wednesday.” This dedication takes place at Freedom Park in Edwards. Edwards is an unincorporated area along the Eagle River, in the Eagle River Valley, in Eagle County.

• “Vail Valley’s Devils break track and field school records.” The Devils are located in Gypsum and their school is located in the Eagle River Valley in Eagle County.

• “Vail Valley wrestlers picked to represent state.” The story didn’t identify where the wrestlers attended, other than to say they were middle-schoolers, but last time I checked, there is no middle school in Vail, which incidentally, is also not in your newspaper’s illusional “Vail Valley.” Vail is in the Gore Valley.

• “Vail Valley: Beaver Creek golf course to open Friday.” Beaver Creek is not in Vail, duh. Hence, no Vail Valley is needed, expected, required, nor desired!

• “Vail Valley’s Red Sky Golf Club opens Friday.” Although my golf skills have never allowed me to visit the Red Sky Golf Club, it is my belief that it overlooks the Eagle River, in the Eagle River Valley.

• “Vail Valley Bizwatch: Plush Pups, dog grooming in Eagle-Vail.” Last time I checked, Eagle-Vail is located along the Eagle River, in the Eagle River Valley, in unincorporated Eagle County.

Twice, I endorsed your newspaper before the Vail Town Council to make your newspaper the newspaper of record, which, incidently, would financially would help your paper thrive. If I had known my support would require that almost every article you nice folks write would place almost every area in Eagle County in your illusional “Vail Valley,” I may have rescinded my support (just kidding)!

Seriously, your newspaper is supposedly the newspaper of record. Journalism 101 requires that many articles have “time, date and place.” Please get out of bed with Vail Resorts long enough to make sure that a newspaper of record (yes, I know, along with your sister paper the Eagle Valley Enterprise), states things factually.

I’m certain that people who reside in other areas of the county are also sick of always reading that they are now in your newspaper’s illusional “Vail Valley.” Some people think that if you cannot get locations correct, just maybe the rest of the stories aren’t always accurate either.

Your friend (a friend is not always one that agrees with you),

Michael Cacioppo

Vail Valley

(Yes, I’m just joking again!)

Editor’s note: Yes, there is a Vail Valley. The appellation irritates residents who insist on the geographical representation of regional names, but “Vail Valley” has been in common use for our greater community for longer than the Vail Daily has existed.

Online, the phrase is used to help Web searchers more quickly find news about our community, best known to the world as “Vail.”

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