Vail Daily letter: What’s with news headline? |

Vail Daily letter: What’s with news headline?

Dennie Moore
Vail, CO, Colorado

I realize that the paper’s headliner is not meant to match the cover photo, although at times it’s ironic how oddly unmatched the two are.

But this last Saturdays paper took the cake. The whole cover was pink, and I’m assuming that was because of the hugely successful Pink Vail that was being held that day. Did the cover headline have to be “Murder trial set,” or could that have waited for another day, or been on another page? It made the paper look like National Enquirer.

There were thousands and thousands of people here in our great town for the weekend, and many of them to support Pink Vail, the first on-snow breast cancer fundraiser that the Vail Valley Medical Center worked so hard on for months.

If the cover headline, along with the pink cover, could have said “Come support Pink Vail” or “Come have fun at Pink Vail,” how great that would have been in support of our hospital, The Shaw Cancer Center, and the thousands and thousands of people in our valley who have been in some way effected by breast cancer.

Some may not have even noticed this, but I sure did.

Dennie Moore

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